Making Military Star Card Online Payments

Making Payment Online

Previously known as the DPP card, the Military Star card is the merchant credit card for the Exchange stores located at military installations. This credit card is only available to people who are eligible to make purchases on the military installation. Eligible personnel must apply for the Military Star card and qualify based on creditworthiness. Making a Military Star card online payment is quite easy for cardholders.

Making Military Star Payments

Payments can be made by mail or in person at the Customer Service counter located within the Exchange. However, many cardholders find that the easiest option is to make the payment online using the appropriate website based on their branch of service:

  • AAFES: Army and Air Force Exchange Service
  • NEX: Navy Exchange Service
  • CGX: Coast Guard Exchange
  • MCX: Marine Corps Exchange

Another option is the website for the All Services Exchange Online Store, which will accept payments for all branches of service.

  • To make a Military Star card online payment, cardholders must first sign in to the system with a username and password.
  • First-time users will use their Social Security number and birth date and can then personalize their login information after signing in.
  • Users must also provide the 16-digit account number that appears on the front of the Military Star card. This account number can also be found on the monthly Military Star card statement.

Payment Options

Several choices are presented to cardholders wanting to make an online payment for the Military Star card:

  • Payment Amount: Account holders can choose to pay the minimum payment, the statement balance, the balance as of the date of the payment, or another amount inputted by the cardholder.
  • Payment Date: Account holders can select to have the payment made on the statement due date or some other date.
  • Recurring or Single Payment: Account holders can have their payments come out of their checking account automatically every month, or they can log on to the website each month to make a single payment.

Alternatively, service members can choose to have an allotment created so a preset amount is directly debited from their military paychecks every month and sent directly to their Military Star card. These cardholders can still use the online functions to check their balances and purchase history.

Online Customer Service

Military Star card representatives are available online via live chat sessions to answer account questions or to assist account holders in accessing their accounts. For cardholders who want assistance with the online payment experience yet who do not want to have access to online chat, a toll-free number is available on the website. The Military Star card website will also accept applications for new accounts.

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Making Military Star Card Online Payments