Disney Rewards Credit Card

Rosemary Terpolilli
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A rewards credit card is a great way to earn cash back and travel rewards for purchases. If you're a big fan of Disney, you may want to consider a card specific to the brand. The Walt Disney Company has partnered with Chase Bank and Visa to offer two rewards cards.

Disney Credit Card Options

There are two Disney credit card options: the Disney Rewards Visa Card and the Disney Premier Visa Card.

  • The Disney Rewards Visa Card has no annual fee and offers a $50 statement credit after the first purchase as an initial bonus.
  • The Disney Premier Visa Card has an annual fee of $49 and the promotional offer is a $200 statement credit after completing $500 in purchases during the first three months.
  • Both credit cards are designed with a selection of ten of the most recognized Disney characters, including Mickey Mouse and Tinker Bell.

Key Benefits

Both of the Disney credit cards can be used everywhere that Visa is accepted. In addition to the statement credit offer for new card holders, there are other benefits.

  • The Disney Rewards Visa Card offers a 1% reward on everyday purchases and a 10% discount on merchandise purchases of $50 or more at the Disney Stores and Disney Resorts.
  • The Disney Premier Visa Card offers all the same benefits as the Disney Rewards card plus an additional 1% in reward dollars for everyday purchases, so that gives a reward total of 2%. This card also has the added benefit of vacation rewards, allowing those reward dollars to be redeemed for airline travel. The Premier Visa also issues a $100 Disney Gift Card after spending the first $500 on purchases during the three-month initial period.

Additional Cardholder Perks

Both of the Disney Rewards Cards offer vacation, shopping and entertainment perks that include:

  • 15% off select guided tours at the Disney Resorts
  • 10% discount off select dining locations at Disney Resorts
  • Premium seating at The Lion King or Aladdin on Broadway
  • Special financing with 0% APR for the first six billing cycles following the purchase of select Disney vacation packages or real estate interest in a Disney Vacation Club.

How to Redeem Rewards

After a cardholder has earned at least 20 Disney Reward Dollars from credit card purchases, he or she can request a Disney Reward Redemption Card. It is accepted at most Disney resorts and store locations and works just like cash.

Disney Premier cardholders can also use their rewards for travel. Premier cardholders who accumulate at least 50 reward dollars can apply their rewards to airline tickets purchased using their Disney Premier Visa Card. The airline credit can be used for full or incremental (starting at $50) redemptions for travel in the form of a statement credit. For example, after buying an airline ticket, the cardholder can redeem reward dollars for a statement credit.

Disney Credit Card Ratings

Both Disney credit cards have favorable reviews on CardHub. Reviewers cite vacation trips to Disney theme parks or Disney Cruise Line travel as primary reasons for selecting this card. One reviewer states, "This is a very nice card if you are planning any sort of Disney trip," but points out that other rewards cards would likely be better if you are not planning to visit a Disney property. Several reviewers comment on being very pleased with the rewards and indicate that the fees and terms seem fairly standard.

Interest Rates and Fees

As of October 2016, the regular APR is at 16.24% for purchase and balance transfers and will vary based on the Prime Rate. There is an introductory offer of 0% APR for the first six billing cycles for purchases of select Disney vacation packages. Cash advances and overdrafts have a very high APR, at a current rate of 24.49%. For international travelers, the foreign transaction fee is 3% so this would be an expensive card for overseas purchases. The late payment fees are up to $35 for balances over $250.

Negative Factors to Consider

In addition to the fees and high APR, the Disney card may be more exclusive for those customers of Disney retailers and Disney parks and less attractive for non-Disney purchases. The Disney card may be appealing to families with young children but it may not hold the appeal if the children outgrow the theme parks.

There are other types of reward credit cards available that offer higher rewards for purchases as well as more flexible features and no annual fee. For example, the Chase Freedom Unlimited credit card earns 1.5% on every purchase and offers a bonus of $150 after spending $500 within the first three months.

How to Apply

The online application at DisneyRewards.com offers step-by-step guidance through the credit card selection. The site also provides a comparison of the features of both Disney cards. A baseline credit score of 660 is required for the Disney Premier Visa Card, and other factors may also be taken into consideration for approval.

Cardholders can also find kiosks within the Disney theme parks that offer a quick application and approval process on-site. New applicants can also apply by mail.

Who Should Consider Disney Reward Cards

The Disney cards are best suited for avid Disney customers or frequent Disney resort visitors. The benefits and reward dollars offered by this credit card may offset the cost of admission to a Disney theme park. The card may also serve as a planning tool for a family trip by setting a goal to reach a specific reward level. Frequent Disney visitors should look for additional ways to save during their visit and consider planning well in advance of the trip.

Financial Considerations

Adding credit cards can have a negative financial impact on credit scores, as it creates another debt obligation. Financial advisors recommend holding just a few credit cards because usage can easily get out of control. Compare all types of credit card reward programs for the best offers before making a decision. Review the terms and conditions of the cardholder agreement before applying for any new credit card to determine if the card is suitable.

Disney Rewards Credit Card