Sample Letters to Stop Collection Agencies

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If you are consistently being harassed by collection agencies regarding alleged past due debt obligations, a cease and desist letter should stop the constant phone calls once and for all.

Cease and Desist Letter

This document is a tool commonly used by debtors to request that all communications from collection agencies be ceased upon receipt. The only contact allowed by the collection agency under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act once the request has been submitted is a statement of the next action they plan to take against you.

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Sample Letter for Mistaken Identity

The following is a sample from a consumer requesting that all communication be ceased because the alleged debt belongs to another individual that they are not associated with:

Click here to print the mistaken identity letter.

Standard Sample Letter

The following is a standard sample letter from a consumer requesting that all contact regarding an outstanding debt obligation be ceased:

Click here to print the cease and desist letter.


You also have the option to compose an original letter. When doing so, be sure to include the following:

  • Current date
  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Account number provided by the debt collection agency
  • A statement mentioning your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
  • A request that all further communications be ceased
  • A statement indicating that you will seek legal remedies if the debt collection agency does not adhere to your request

How to Send

Prior to placing the letter in the mail, confirm that you have the correct mailing address on file for the agency.

Make a copy of the letter for your files, and send the original via certified mail with a requested return receipt. This will provide proof that you actually mailed the letter and that it was received by the intended recipient.

Transfer of Debt to Another Collection Agency

If your accounts are sold to another agency, you will also need to send them a cease and desist letter to halt further contact.

Important Considerations

When dealing with collection proceedings, it is important that you are well-aware of your rights. Continuous contact, if necessary, can only be mandated by the court system.

Keep in mind that a cease and desist letter can also prompt the agency to sue you because the alleged debt will still remain in their possession.

Before sending a letter, try to work out a payment plan or negotiate a lower pay-off balance to avoid doing additional damage to your credit.

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Sample Letters to Stop Collection Agencies