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If you've never accessed your credit report, you may be curious to know what it looks like. The printable listed below, along with the description of each component, should give you a more thorough understanding.

What's in Your Credit Report

Below are the four components of your credit report.

1. Personal Information

This section includes the following:

  • Your name: Your full legal name
  • Other name: Other variations of your full legal name
  • Address: Current and most recent (if applicable)
  • Credit report number: This number is automatically generated by the credit bureau you request your credit report from. If you have any questions regarding the contents of your report, the credit bureau(s) will more than likely ask for this number to reference the proper document.
  • Report date: The date in which the credit report was requested and generated
  • Employer information: This section will include your employer's name, address, phone number, and the date the information was submitted to the credit bureaus. It may also include position information, along with the hire date(s).

2. Potentially Negative Items

Negative entries on your credit report include public records and collection accounts. Each negative item on your credit report will be accompanied by the following:

  • Collection agency's name, address and phone number
  • Original creditor's name
  • Account number
  • Account status
  • Type of account
  • Payment terms
  • Balance
  • Date opened and closed (if applicable)
  • Estimated date of removal

*Note: Public records only include the creditor's information, status, date of filing, date of resolution, responsibility, plaintiff, plaintiff's attorney, and amount.

3. Accounts in Good Standing

These accounts, both revolving and installment, are current and may be viewed by the creditors in a positive light. Along with the creditor's name, the following information will also be listed:

  • Creditor's name, address and phone number
  • Account number
  • Account status
  • Type of account
  • Payment terms
  • Outstanding balance
  • Credit limit
  • Monthly payment amount
  • Payment activity
  • Last reported date

4. Credit Inquiries

There are two types of inquiries: voluntary (authorized by you) and involuntary. Each inquiry will be listed, along with the following information:

  • Creditor's name, address and phone number
  • Date of request
  • Comments (if applicable)

How to View the Sample Credit Report

Click here to view the sample credit report.

To access the sample credit report, click on the link below the image. You will be prompted to download a PDF version of the file that you can print and store in your files for your personal records. If you encounter problems while downloading the printable, refer to the Guide for Adobe Printables for additional guidance.

An Important Consideration

Credit reports may vary by issuer, so be sure to reach out Experian, Transunion or Equifax via the contact information listed at the bottom of the official document to address any questions or concerns.

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