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A credit repair letter provides a way for you to correct problematic information on a credit report. Although you can file a document directly with the credit reporting agencies online to dispute information, you can do so through the mail as well. Use the sample letters below when you find errors in your credit report or receive incorrect documentation from a creditor, a collection agency or another third party.

Sample Letters to Credit Reporting Agencies

To access the sample letters provided here, simply click the image of the document most appropriate for the situation you are dealing with. If you need help downloading the sample letters, check out these helpful tips.

Letter for Inaccurate Information

The following is a sample letter to send to a credit bureau to request the removal of inaccurate information contained on your report.

Letter for Inaccurate Credit Report Information
Click to download the letter for innacurate information.

Letter for Excessive Inquiries

Another type of credit repair letter you may wish to send to a credit bureau is one that requests the removal of inquiries. Inquiries on a credit report can negatively impact your score. It may be possible to remove those not initiated by you or those that remain past the two-year limit. Send the following letter to the credit reporting agencies:

Letter for Excessive Inquries
Click to download the letter for excessive inquiries.

Letter Requesting Mistake Correction

The most common errors on credit reports are from simple mistakes. The following letter can help you to get this information up to date. Send this to your creditor to the address listed on your credit report for the creditor.

Letter to Correct Credit Report Mistakes
Click to download the mistake correction letter.

How Repair Letters Work

Keep in mind that these credit repair sample letters can only provide so much help to you. The lender or credit reporting agency will try to verify the information is accurate and then will alter the credit report if the findings show the information appearing on the report is incorrect. However, this may or may not boost your credit score, depending on the error.

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Credit Repair Sample Letters