Creative Ways to Give Gift Cards

gift card with ribbon

Are you planning to give your loved one a gift card for a major accomplishment, holiday, or special occasion? Whether it's for a birthday, wedding, graduation, or just a small token of your appreciation, they will appreciate if you go the extra mile to package it in the most creative way possible. Here are some unique ideas to consider.

Bury in Candy Jars

If your recipient has a sweet tooth, a clear jar full of candy is sure to hit the spot. Just place the gift card in the middle of the pile and include a handwritten note prompting them to take a closer look at what lies inside.

Hide in Socks

A pair of festive socks isn't exactly the most creative or appealing gift for a loved one. However, placing a gift card inside will definitely make it all better.

Turn It Into an Ornament or Tree Decoration

gift card ornament

Whip out the sharpies and decorate the plastic wrapper the gift card comes in. If it's affixed to a small piece of cardboard paper, simply purchase a small gift box and decorate the exterior. To add the finishing touch, attach a piece of string on both ends to make a hook or slide the string through the plastic hole at the top so your newly crafted gift card ornament can dangle from the Christmas tree.

Hide It in a Picture Frame

There's nothing more thoughtful than a memorable picture of you and your loved on. Chances are, it'll be enough to make their heart smile. Sweeten the deal by telling them to flip the frame over and look inside.

Package It With a Related Item

Starbucks gut card and mug

If you're giving a gift card for the movies, attach it to a bag of popcorn or boxed candy. For iTunes gift cards, a pair of earbuds will suffice. Silverware always works for restaurants, and Starbucks cups or mugs are perfect for coffee gift cards.

Felt Wrap It

Are you handy with the sewing machine or embroidery? Wrap the gift card in felt and tie the contents together with a piece of ribbon.

Make a Glitter Box

Grab one of those small gift card boxes, cover the surface with glue, and sprinkle on your favorite colored glitter. That way, they'll have a blinged out box that can be reused time and time again. Sparkling wrapping paper also works.

Use Chinese Takeout Containers

Takeout container gift box

You don't have to give a food gift card to pull this one off. The idea is to fill the box with other small trinkets so the recipient won't have the slightest clue about what's inside when you hand it over.

Use Paper Play Money

Purchase a small pack of play money with a money clip. Place the hundreds at the bottom and the gift card on the money. Fold the pile in half and close it with the money clip. You'll have a stack of "cash" with a gift card inside.

Use Decorative Paper Sleeves

origami shirt gift card holder

Cut two sheets of paper into the shape of a t-shirt, balloon, tablet, cell phone or any other fun item you can think of. Next, bond them together with glue, tape, or staples and decorate the exterior. Finally, drop the gift card inside, and you're all set.

Put It in a Diaper Cake

If you're attending a baby shower, assemble a small diaper cake and top it with a gift card.

Stick It in a Candy Tin

Do you have any small candy tins hanging around? If so, place the gift card at the bottom and load it up with their favorite candy.

A Final Option

As a last resort or if you're crunched for time, grab a letter-sized envelope, decorate the outside, draft a heartfelt note, drop in the gift card, and seal the package with a kiss. After all, it's the thought that counts. Plus, chances are, they'll be too busy making plans to spend the gift card to complain about the packaging.

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Creative Ways to Give Gift Cards