Which Credit Card Company Offers the Best Security?

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Which credit card company offers the best security? This is a valid question considering the constant threat of theft from both online and in-person transactions.

Security for Credit Cards

Keeping your credit card information safe goes beyond simply safeguarding the physical card. Choose a credit card company that offers additional safety features which are intended to protect you in the event of someone trying to use your credit card without your permission. Theft of your credit card information can result in a huge hassle: so, if it can be avoided altogether as a result of the security measures set by your credit card company, then this is a victory.

What type of security should you look for from a credit card company? Security offered by credit card companies vary, but many of them offer a variety of security measures to keep your information safe:

  • Secure Account Access: When you log on to your credit card account via the Internet, your credit card company should offer a secure, encrypted connection that is not easily visible by other people.
  • Extra Passwords: Many credit card companies offer cardholders the option to set additional passwords which must be entered before making a purchase online. These multiple passwords offer a broader range of security since purchases cannot be made without this additional information.
  • Single Use Card Numbers: Some credit cards will issue a one-time use credit card number to accountholders that can be used to make purchases online. While this card number is not the same as your regular credit card number, the money for the purchase is charged to your account. For this reason, if a thief were to intercept the number, he or she would not be able to then go and use the number again for future purchases.
  • Paperless Statements: Most credit card companies now give consumers the option to receive credit card statements via e-mail instead of through the mail. This eliminates the possibility of credit card information being stolen by stealing a paper statement out of a mailbox.
  • Strict Privacy Regulations: Credit card companies that refuse to share accountholder's information with third parties help to lessen the number of entities with access to cardholder's personal information.

Of course, your credit card company should offer a zero fraud liability to cardholders so if someone does manage to obtain your credit card information and uses it to make purchases you will not be liable to pay for the fraudulent charges.

Which Credit Card Company Offers the Best Security?

Which credit card company offer the best security depends on what specific security features you are looking for. Keep in mind that not all of the security measures offered by credit card companies are free of charge; many of these features require a monthly charge.

  • Citibank offers a variety of security features including:
    • Credit report monitoring
    • Photo credit cards
    • Secure Internet site
    • Virtual account numbers

Additionally, Citibank offers Internet Security Specialists who are trained to assist cardholders with any questions or concerns regarding security issues pertaining to Citibank credit cards.

  • Bank of America offers security features including:
    • Photo credit cards
    • Zero liability for fraudulent charges
    • Password protection
    • Monitoring for fraudulent account activity

    Bank of America also adheres to a strict privacy policy which limits access to cardholders' personal information.

  • Discover offers a program called Identity Theft Protection that includes:
    • Credit report monitoring
    • Identity theft insurance
    • Fraud specialists

Discover also offers a Wallet Protection program that provides emergency cash and quick card number cancellation in the event of a misplaced or stolen wallet.

Most credit cards come with some form of security features as standard and offer additional security features available for a charge. Still asking "Which credit card company offers the best security?" The best credit card company for you is the one that has all the security features you want free of charge.

Other Options

People who have a fear of their credit card information getting stolen may want to elect to use a prepaid card that is not connected to any credit account. Another option, of course, is to use cash for purchases instead of credit cards.

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Which Credit Card Company Offers the Best Security?