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Walmart offers two credit cards to individuals through its financial partner, GE Capital Retail Bank. Both products enable consumers to get discounts at the gas pump and obtain in-store cash advances without ever paying an annual fee.

The Basic Walmart Credit Card

This card is issued by Walmart and you can save $0.15 per gallon on gas if it is used at Walmart fueling stations in the United States. In addition, cardholders are able to monitor their FICO score each month since being an account holder grants free access to this benefit.


Some reviewers from Credit Karma highly recommend this card for individuals seeking to rebuild their credit because of the simplified application process, instant approval and rapid increase in credit limit with responsible use.

However, a major drawback to this card is that it can only be used in the store (and not online). Consumers should also note that poor spending habits can be facilitated by this card with the cash advance option considering the high APR of 22.90%, as noted by Nerd Wallet. Continuous cash advances without prompt repayment can cause the balance to spiral out of control rather quickly.

The Walmart Discover Card

Not only can cardholders save $0.15 per gallon on Walmart fuel purchases and access FICO, but are also able to earn cash back on purchases. The rewards system works as follows:

  • .25%: $0.01 to $1,500.00
  • .50%: $1,500.01 - $3,000.00

  • 1%: $3,000.01 or more

In-store cash advances of up to $100 per day are also permitted. A higher APR of 25.90% applies to regular cash advances with this card.

Upon approval, you can instantly retrieve a 24-hour shopping pass.


Although the APR of 22.90% is on the high side, Ask Mr. Credit Card mentioned in a recent review that the card was not a bad option considering the absence of an annual fee and the fact that majority of the applicants have less than perfect credit.

Reviewers from Credit Karma noted that their online account data was often inaccurate due to the frequent delay in recording remitted payments.

Compare Your Options

Walmart Credit Card Walmart Discover
APR 22.90% 22.90%
Annual Fee $0 $0
Cash back $60 $100
Online FICO Scores Free of charge Free of charge
Gas Perks $0.15 per gallon on fuel purchases made at Wal-Mart gas stations $0.15 per gallon on fuel purchases made at Wal-Mart gas stations

Walmart Business

Walmart offers a business credit card to companies with outstanding credit ratings. The variable APR is 14.80%, and the card comes with a 26 day grace period.


Although it is very basic and does not offer any perks to account holders, reviewers from Card Hub agree that the card is worth possessing if your business frequently shops at Walmart for a few reasons:

  • There is no annual fee.
  • The penalty for late payments is not excessive.
  • The customer service is exceptional.

How to Apply

To apply for the Walmart Credit Card or Discover, visit their website and create an online profile to access the online application.

To apply for the Walmart Business Credit Card, complete the online application.

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