Comparison of Shell Credit Cards

Shell gas station

Shell offers credit card options through Citi, its financial partner. These cards offer some benefits to cardholders in the form of fuel discounts and other rewards. The company also has commercial cards available that facilitate expense tracking and incorporate a tiered savings system.

Shell Drive for Five Card

The Shell Drive for Five Card can be a favorable option if you are searching for a way to reduce the cost per gallon on gasoline expenditures.


Cardholders enjoy many perks including:

  • A statement credit of five cents per gallon on Shell gasoline or diesel purchases (45 gallon minimum,100 gallon maximum per month)
  • The option to pay in full or revolve the balance each month
  • No liability for fraudulent charges
  • CITI ID Theft Solutions
  • Online account management


There are a few drawbacks to this card. Considering the fairly high APR of 24.99%, the reward system is not very captivating. Clay Wyatt, a personal finance expert at Credit Shout, pointed out in a recent review the lack of an upfront reward offered to consumers. With the current system, cardholders are only able to earn a maximum of $60 per year. That reward is not too impressive considering the lack of flexibility with where rewards can be accrued and the fact that these stations may be pricier.

Reviewers from Credit Card Forum feel that consumers should avoid this card because of the poor customer service they received. Reviewers claim representatives from Shell were often unable to resolve billing discrepancies and customers were left paying outstanding balances that they were not responsible for. Others claimed they were charged late fees even when payment was remitted in a timely manner.

Shell Select Member Card

The Shell Select Member Card offers an impressive rewards system to cardholders.


Cardholders have the opportunity to accumulate a large rewards balance very quickly, enabling them to save big on travel expenditures.

Customers can earn:

  • 10% cash back on lodging
  • 5% cash back on air travel
  • 5% cash back on car rentals

To qualify, travel must be booked through the Member Reservation Center, which ensures that the traveler gets the lowest rate available.

Other travel perks include insurance protection, emergency cash and prepaid airline tickets.


Cardholders are assessed an annual fee of $25 and APR of 24.99%. Anisha Sekar of Nerd Wallet also mentioned that the absence of any gas rewards is peculiar for a card of this sort. In addition, being obligated to use the Member Reservation Center to make travel arrangements may hinder flexibility with the dates and times of travel.

A few reviewers from Credit Karma also mentioned their dissatisfaction with the card based on poor customer service and account issues that were a result of card usage in unfamiliar locations.

Shell Fleet Cards

Shell's Fleet Program has two cards available for business owners to choose from, depending on their needs. These include:

Card Type APR Annual Fee Rewards
Shell Fleet Credit Card Revolving Balance 24.99% $0 n/a
Shell Fleet Plus Charge 0% $0 up to six cents per gallon (based on tiered rebate system)

Pros of a Shell Fleet Card

The Shell Fleet Plus cards simplify the management of gasoline and convenience store expenditures through detailed statements and reports. This helps management to hedge against trivial purchases and decrease gasoline expenditures by maximizing route efficiency.

Additional benefits include:

  • Restriction capabilities
  • Manage employee accounts through online system
  • Driver ID Numbers which help deter fraud
  • Simplified expenditure monitoring by management via reports
  • Executive option to purchase convenience store items

Cons of a Shell Fleet Card

Restriction of card use to participating Shell locations can negatively impact route efficiency and boost gasoline costs. For members of the Shell Fleet Credit Card Program, this is a major drawback as no gas perks are available to recoup the added costs that result.

Selecting a Shell Credit Card

Before applying for a Shell Credit Card, be sure to carefully review the terms and conditions. While these cards certainly have some benefits, make sure these are benefits that you can actually use.

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Comparison of Shell Credit Cards