Six Types of Prepaid Visa Credit Cards

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Consider a prepaid Visa gift card.

Prepaid Visa credit cards come in versions appropriate for gift giving, payroll, and more. Here is information about six of the most popular prepaid card options.

Six Prepaid Visa Card Options

Visa offers a wide variety of prepaid credit cards. Cards can be obtained online, through a financial institution, or through merchants offering these types of cards.

1. Visa Gift Card

The prepaid Visa gift card is designed to be a way for people to gift cash to a recipient without actually handing over a handful of dollar bills or writing a check. The card can be used for purchases anywhere Visa is accepted. The maximum value that is allowed to be loaded onto the gift card varies depending on where the card is purchased.

2. Visa Buxx

The Visa Buxx is a prepaid credit card from Visa is designed for parents to give to teens. The card can be monitored and funded by the parents, which allows parents to give this card as a way to give an allowance or as a card to be used while the teen is away from home. This card is reloadable and provides online tracking of the teen's spending for parental review.

3. Visa TravelMoney

Visa offers the TravelMoney prepaid credit card that is specifically designed for traveling. The card has features to help travelers such as lost luggage assistance and translation services over the telephone. This prepaid credit card can be used at ATMs to obtain cash and the cards are reloadable via the Internet, telephone, or at the original point of sale.

4. Visa Payroll

For some employers, issuing a payroll using prepaid credit cards is less time consuming and less costly than issuing payroll checks. This Visa card is funded by an employer with an employee's payroll, making the funds immediately available to the cardholder. Visa offers a program to business owners which will manage the automatic deposit of payroll onto the Visa cards.

5. Visa Healthcare Card

This prepaid Visa card is funded with the money the cardholder uses to fund a Health Savings Account (HSA). The card is then used to make qualifying healthcare payments and purchases. There are different versions of this prepaid Visa available, some of which are available directly to consumers and others which must be issued directly from an employer.

6. Visa Prepaid

This prepaid credit card is not specific to certain consumers, but instead is ideal for people who want to have a prepaid Visa card that they can reload. Although this card is not the Visa Payroll card, some employers will directly deposit pay to this type of card. The maximum amount of money a cardholder can fund onto this type of Visa prepaid card depends on the merchant from which the card is purchased.


Visa prepaid credit cards with the ReadyLink symbol on the back of the card can be reloaded at a variety of locations including ExxonMobil stations and participating MoneyGram locations within the United States. It is important to note that these merchants may charge a reloading fee.

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For more information regarding the various Visa prepaid credit cards, visit the official Visa website.

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Six Types of Prepaid Visa Credit Cards