Are HSBC Credit Cards Available?

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On May 1, 2012, Capital One purchased most of HSBC's credit card holdings in the United States for $31.3 billion, rendering many of the cards obsolete.

Is Your Card Affected?

Bank Branded Cards: These credit cards, formerly issued through HSBC, are now owned and serviced by Capital One:

  • Most HSBC branded credit cards
  • Orchard Bank credit cards
  • Household Bank credit cards

New Capital One cards are being issued to these customers between July and November, 2013. Visit Hello Capital One to learn about the features and benefits of the new cards.

Co-branded Cards include:

Both portfolios were also previously issued by HSBC and acquired by Capital One. These accounts are still available, but are now owned and serviced by Capital One.

Current HSBC Card Offerings

While most HSBC issued cards no longer exist in the U.S., a few are still available. These include:


Frequently when one finance company purchases the holdings of another, the purchased company ceases to exist and has no further product offerings. This case is unique.

HSBC is a large financial services company based in the U.K. Prior to May 1, 2012, HSBC issued cards in the U.S. through two subsidiaries: HSBC Finance Corporation, and HSBC USA. Capital One's acquisition was limited to the U.S. credit card portfolio held by the HSBC Finance Corporation. The remaining components of the company still operate, independent of Capital One.


If your account was acquired by Capital One, continue to make your payments as you have been until the company provides further instructions. Online payments for former HSBC cards are still being accepted.

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Are HSBC Credit Cards Available?