Grocery Gift Card

Prepaid cards make excellent gifts.
Prepaid cards make excellent gifts.

Grocery gift cards can be great ways to provide someone with a trip to the grocery store without giving the recipient cash. These cards are also popular choices for companies that want to give incentives to employees for jobs well done.

Prepaid Cards for Groceries

Grocery gift cards are prepaid cards that can be used to make purchases at whatever grocery store issues the card. There are usually no restrictions as to what can be purchased with the card. In other words, the card can be used to purchase magazines or candles right alongside milk or eggs. As long as the merchandise is offered by the store, the gift card should be accepted as a means to make the purchase. If there are any restrictions on purchases, such as alcohol, cigarettes or gasoline, these restrictions will be listed on the back of the card.

The amount of money available to the cardholder is equal to initial deposit made by the purchaser, minus any fees.

Available Grocery Gift Cards

Most major grocery store chains offer prepaid gift cards. Cards can be purchased at the stores or online using the grocery store's official website. In some instances, you can buy grocery store gift cards through other merchants, such as bookstores or online auction sites. Check for the availability of gift cards for your favorite grocery store by speaking to a store representative or by visiting the store's website.

Here is a list of some of the grocery gift cards available through popular stores:

Major Grocery Stores

  • Kroger: This large grocery store chain, which includes Bakers, Fred Meyer and Food for Less in addition to more stores, offers a prepaid grocery store card that is available in denominations starting at $10 all the way up to $250. The cards are reloadable.
  • Safeway: This grocery store chain offers gift cards in denominations starting at $5 up to $500. The card can be used at all Safeway locations including Vons, Pavilions and Pak'n Save Foods. Some cards purchased directly through Safeway are eligible for rewards programs.
  • Albertsons: This grocery store offers a wide variety of options for gift cards, including a card that is designed to give to college students by parents who reload the cards periodically. Gift cards for Albertsons are available in stores.
  • Winn-Dixie: These gift cards are available in a variety of denominations, starting at $10, all the way up to $100. There are also gift cards specifically loaded with a balance to purchase hams and turkeys. Cards can be purchased in stores, by calling Winn-Dixie directly or by downloading an order form and mailing the form in to a regional office.

Plenty of other grocery stores offer prepaid gift cards. Check with your favorite grocery store to find out about availability.

Natural Food Stores

  • Whole Foods Market: These cards are reloadable in stores, but not online. Cards can be purchased in denominations starting at $20 up to $500. Whole Foods Market will also accept Wild Oats gift cards for purchases in store.
  • Trader Joe's: This natural grocery store does not sell gift cards online, but they are available in stores.

Grocery Stores Combined With Retail Store

  • Walmart Super Center: These stores accept Walmart gift cards for payment. Cards can be purchased online or in store, and like SuperTarget stores, are available in an electronic format.

Buy Discounted Grocery Cards

There are websites online offering users the option to swap gift cards or sell them at discounted rates. This is a good place to start your search for grocery gift cards. Check out the following sites for discounted prepaid grocery cards:

Always review the terms and conditions of prepaid gift cards before you purchase or use the card.

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