Dell Gift Cards

Tamsen Butler
Gift cards are an excellent gift.
Gift cards are an excellent gift.

Dell gift cards can be great presents for people looking to purchase a computer or electronic accessories. Both plastic gift cards and electronic gift certificates are available through Dell.

About Dell Gift Cards

Dell gift cards are prepaid cards that can be used for purchases on the Dell website or for making purchases over the phone directly from Dell. This card cannot be used to purchase Dell products at other retailers.

The balance on the card is not reloadable. Once the funds on the card are used up the card is no longer valid. Additionally, the card cannot be used to get cash. This card is only for use when buying Dell products and services directly from Dell.

Terms and Conditions

There is no fee to purchase a Dell card. The only price you pay is the amount of money you load onto the card.

These prepaid gift cards do not expire when purchased by a consumer. Cards that are issued through Dell as a promotion, such as cards sent as a purchase incentive, do have expiration dates. If a card is stolen, Dell does not replace any amount of the balance on the card used by an unauthorized user. Once the cardholder actually notifies Dell of the theft, the unused balance will be placed onto a different gift card, but only in instances where this is required by law.

These cards cannot be returned for cash.

Card Designs

Dell offers a few different gift card designs. Although there are no designs that are very whimsical or odd - as are often offered through retailers when issuing gift cards - Dell does allow the purchaser to choose from a few different designs.

About the Dell E-Gift Card

The e-gift card issued by Dell is an electronic version of the gift card. No plastic card is sent to the recipient. This gift is sent through e-mail to the recipient. A number is issued that allows the recipient to make purchases on the Dell website for goods and services.

E-gift cards can be purchased in the following denominations:

  • $25
  • $50
  • $75
  • $100

Several e-cards can be combined to make one larger purchase, if necessary.

Electronic gift cards are similar to the regular gift cards. The amount of money available for use is the same as the balance loaded onto the e-gift card. As the balance is used to make purchases, the amount of available funds is depleted until the entire balance is gone. The balance of these cards cannot be reloaded. There is no expiration date for electronic gift cards issued through Dell.

Customer Service

It is simple to check the remaining balance on gift cards and e-gift cards issued through Dell. Cardholders simply enter their card information on the Dell website and the remaining balance is immediately available for viewing.

It is also possible to check the status of gift card orders using the Dell website. Customer service for these cards - and for all other concerns regarding Dell products and services - can be reached by calling (800) 624-9897.

Lost and Stolen Cards

Dell cards should be treated like cash and should be protected as such. Dell does not replace stolen or lost cards unless the card was issued within a state that requires this from gift cards.

Purchase a Card or E-Card

Cards can be purchased on the Dell website, over the phone through Dell customer service, or at participating Walgreens locations. E-gift cards are available online through the Dell website and must be purchased using a major credit card.

Since these cards cannot be returned or replaced it's important to only give this particular gift to someone who has an express desire to purchase goods or services through Dell, otherwise the card may go unused.

Dell Gift Cards