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When people speak of credit scores they are usually referring to FICO scores. It's important to know your number because it impacts whether you can buy a house or car, the interest rates you pay on loans and credit cards, and sometimes even whether you get hired for your dream job.

What Is a FICO Score?

The three primary reporting agencies are Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Banks and other credit issuers report to them regularly, and these agencies maintain a record of your accounts, credit limits, amounts borrowed, and payments. FICO develops algorithms that distil each person's information into a FICO score.

What Your FICO Score Means

While FICO scores range from 300 to 850, your number will need to be well above the mid-range to obtain credit at favorable terms, according to

Understanding FICO Scores
Range Level What it Means
720 to 850 Excellent Combined with sufficient income, you should qualify for almost any credit product and receive the best available interest rates.
680 to 719 Good This rating will generally allow you to qualify for a mortgage or refinance to a lower rate. You will also qualify for most other loans and lines of credit and receive competitive rates.
620 to 679 Average You may still be able to obtain credit at reasonable rates, but you will probably not be in a position to negotiate for better rates.
580 to 619 Poor While you may still be able to obtain credit, you will pay substantially more in fees and interest than people with higher scores.
300 to 579 Very Poor Obtaining credit at any price will be a challenge.

How Do You Measure Up?

To give you an idea of where your credit stands compared with others in your area, the following chart lists the average credit score by state. This information was compiled by Credit Karma and is subject to change often.

Average Credit Scores by State
State Credit Score State Credit Score
Alabama 618 Montana 637
Alaska 643 Nebraska 642
Arizona 637 Nevada 633
Arkansas 618 New Hampshire 640
California 649 New Jersey 651
Colorado 645 New Mexico 628
Connecticut 646 New York 651
Delaware 628 North Carolina 628
Florida 632 North Dakota 638
Georgia 627 Ohio 629
Hawaii 658 Oklahoma 623
Idaho 636 Oregon 643
Illinois 639 Pennsylvania 635
Indiana 625 Rhode Island 643
Iowa 638 South Carolina 616
Kansas 634 South Dakota 640
Kentucky 622 Tennessee 625
Louisiana 618 Texas 624
Maine 635 Utah 644
Maryland 635 Vermont 648
Massachusetts 653 Virginia 641
Michigan 631 Washington 648
Minnesota 655 West Virginia 622
Mississippi 608 Wisconsin 653
Missouri 627 Wyoming 632

Personalized Credit Reports

Every U.S. citizen is eligible to receive one free credit report annually. To obtain yours visit or call 1-877-322-8228. The report is completely free, but it does not include a FICO score. Appending the score costs $7.

Additional credit reports are available from the three reporting agencies, at any time, for a fee.

Know the Score

Good credit doesn't just happen and bad credit doesn't just go away. Take the time to educate yourself. Know your credit score and take steps to keep it healthy. Check your credit reports well in advance of a purchase.

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Credit Report Score Chart