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Credit Protection Association

Collecting on overdue accounts is part of doing business.

Credit Protection Association is a company specializing in providing collections services to the telecommunications industry. The company also offers bad debt management and recovery services to clients in these fields:

  • Banking
  • Cable television
  • Retail
  • Medical
  • Publishing
  • Video

Collections are Serious Business

Companies of all sizes need to have a plan for dealing with delinquent accounts. Rather than assign certain staff members or have an in-house department to deal with them, it may make a lot more sense to hire a company with the expertise to perform these duties off-site. That way, company resources are being used to generate revenue and provide services to existing customers with accounts in good standing.

Services Offered by Credit Protection Association

Credit Protection Association offers the following types of services to its clients:

Receivables Management

Credit Protection Association can track a delinquent account holder using various methods. Once the person has been located, Credit Protection's representatives have access to that individual's credit report and can use this information to negotiate a payment plan to get the account cleared. Customers can make payments by credit card or using a check-by-phone.

Equipment Recovery

In the case of a customer who has equipment belonging to the client company, Credit Protection will contact the account holder to request that the items be returned. The person can be sent packaging materials and return address labels within a few days. If the account holder doesn't have a phone, then Credit Protection will contact them by mail to make the request. The equipment is then returned directly to the client company.

Credit Protection Association has entered into a partnership with United Parcel Service (UPS) to assist with returning equipment. Account holders can call UPS to schedule a pickup or drop the packaged equipment off at their local UPS store for shipping.

Call Center

Credit Protection has trained staff who are ready and able to make appropriate choices regarding collecting overdue accounts. The company has 1,200 phone lines available for making outgoing calls and receiving incoming ones from account holders. Representatives undergo a training program offered by the company and all of them have completed at least two years of education at the college level. Many of these people are bilingual and are fluent in one of the following languages along with English:

  • French
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Mandarin
  • Haitian

Other Reasons for Hiring Credit Protection Association

Credit Protection Association has implemented a number of measures to improve their customer service capabilities:

  • Datalink

Credit Protection has an online tool so that its clients can access updated information available whenever they need it, 24 hours a day.

  • Client Account Tracking System (CATS)

CATS is used to alert the company to discrepancies in accounts as they go through the collections process. When an issue is detected, a Service Manager will work with the client company to resolve it.

  • Detailed Reporting System

Credit Protection's clients can access detailed reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This information is password-protected and can be viewed, downloaded, or printed directly from the client's own computer desktop.

  • Guaranteed Results

The management at Credit Protection is confident that it can provide great results for its clients. They even offer a guarantee on their services: if Credit Protection doesn't get better results than a client's previous collection agency, they will absorb the difference in cost.

In addition, Credit Protection Agency offers prospective clients a complementary review of their current account recovery efforts and will explain how their programs can increase the company's account collection results.

This company specializes in doing one type of service and has developed programs to specifically address their clients' needs. Collections is something that all businesses have to deal with, but that can be outsourced effectively.

Credit Protection Association