Credit Card Offers for Nurses

Qualify for a credit card
A good credit score is key to qualification.

What are the best credit card offers for nurses? Look for a credit card offered through a professional nursing organization because these offers have already been prescreened by the association to ensure the best interests of the members.

Professional Affiliation Membership Groups

Professional affiliation membership groups are designed to provide camaraderie among the professional group represented while also setting a standard for that particular group of professionals. These groups are not unions, but can add to a professional's credibility especially if the professional is an active and participating member.

Every so often, these groups partner with credit card companies to offer exclusive credit card products to members. These cards are oftentimes specifically designed for the members of the group. In the instance of nurses, these cards sometimes have attractive rewards or other perks that make them attractive. For example, some cards offer rewards programs where every purchase accumulates points that can then be redeemed for premium nursing gear like scrubs or nursing equipment like stethoscopes.

Nursing Credit Unions

Nurses who are eligible for credit union membership as a result of their place of employment should review the credit card offerings from the credit union. These financial institutions may offer the very best credit cards for nurses even though the credit products through the credit union are not exclusively designed for nurses.

Examples of credit unions designed for medical professionals include Hospital System Credit Union and Health Care Associates Credit Union.

View Credit Card Offers for Nurses

Here is a brief listing of some of the credit cards that were specifically created with nursing professionals in mind:

  • RN Magazine Platinum Plus WorldPoints Rewards Visa: This credit card offers an impressive rewards program which allows cardholders to redeem points for travel, cash, or gift cards. The card is offered to nursing professionals in conjunction with RN Magazine.
  • CNA MasterCard: Canadian nurses who are members of the Canadian Nurses Association can apply for this credit card. The card is offered through MBNA and offers standard credit card features.

This is not a complete list of the various credit card offers for nurses. In fact, nearly every state has a nursing association specific to that state, and many of these organizations offer credit card products to members.

Keep in mind that, while these credit cards require membership into the association for approval, membership into a professional nursing association or credit union does not guarantee acceptance of a credit card application. Applicants must still meet minimum credit standards of the creditor offering the card on behalf of the nursing organization, no matter how active the applicant is in the nursing organization.

Compare Offers

While it can be a good idea to compare the various credit cards offered specifically to nurses, it is also important to remember that there may be other credit cards with better interest rates and terms. In fact, some organizations will tout the association's credit card as a way of showing pride of membership in the nursing organization, but if the terms of the card are not attractive it is not a good choice.

For this reason, a nurse who is actively looking for a credit card should not limit the search to credit cards that are offered specifically to nursing professionals. Compare all available cards for which you qualify before deciding on one type of credit card.

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Credit Card Offers for Nurses