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A letter of credit is a financial instrument that helps facilitate trade. When two parties don't know each other, it can be difficult for the seller to trust that the buyer is going to pay. A letter of credit… Keep reading »

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A line of credit provides flexibility.

Building Independence

A line of credit can help an individual or business build the independence they need to meet everyday financial needs. Having a prearranged amount of credit available to draw upon can provide peace of mind knowing that funds will be available to make timely purchases, implement a financial decision or meet an emergency.

Funds When You Need Them

At Line of Credit you'll find a variety of options for credit lines - both in how you qualify for the line as well as how you access the funds. You can read articles about credit lines based on the amount of equity you have in your home or your business and about lines based on your income and other non-equity assets. Experts provide information about credit which you can access with a credit card or by writing a check.

Know What to Look For

Selecting the best credit line requires your knowledge of the different types of credit lines available, what to look for when selecting a credit provider and tips on how to select the right type of line of credit for your particular needs. You'll find what you're looking for here, just read on.

Tips on Using Your Line of Credit

Once you have obtained your credit line, you need to be sure you use the line to your advantage. It is easy to misuse a credit line and end up not having the funds available when you really need them. Experts share tips on when to draw on the line, pay-off strategies to maximize your credit rating and ideas on how to make best use of a credit line, both for current and future needs.

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