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Article Highlight: What Are the 4 Major Credit Card Brands?

Of the four remaining major credit card networks - Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, the oldest brand is American Express. Introduced in 1958, the first American Express cards were charge cards… Keep reading »

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APR is one of the most confusing credit card terms.

Here it is - a site dedicated to everything you've always wanted to know about credit cards but were afraid to ask. What it is, why to have it, how to find it and what to do with it once you have it.

Does it come with a dancing monkey? Probably not, but we'll check on that as well and report back.

LoveToKnow About Credit Cards Breaks It Down

Knowledge is power, and our team of writers is dedicated to covering all the potential questions and answers to simplify the decision process about credit cards. Whether you're looking for an easy overview of interest rates, the general features of a credit card, how to compare credit cards, how to avoid fraud and identity theft or an understanding of your credit report, About Credit Cards is a great place to start.

Please search within the site for other examples, suggestions and scenarios involving the use and, unfortunately, the misuse, of credit cards.

Speaking of Expertise

LoveToKnow About Credit Cards also features interviews with industry experts to provide an in-depth view of the world of credit cards, how credit operates and the continual evolution of this seemingly easy, yet still very complex, mode of money handling. Check back often for information and sources for your financial needs.

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