CITGO Gas Card Options

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CITGO offers options to those searching for a gas card that will help them save at the pump. They also have gift and business cards that come with many perks, making them a popular choice for the budget-conscious consumer.

CITGO Rewards Card

The CITGO Rewards Card can be very beneficial to individuals looking to reduce gasoline expenses. Perks offered to cardholders include:

  • Rebates of five cents per gallon on all purchases made at participating CITGO locations
  • No minimum or maximum purchase limitations to qualify for rebates
  • Zero liability to cardholder for unauthorized charges
  • Free duplicate credit cards
  • Electronic bill payment
  • Flexible payment options

As Beverly Harzog pointed out in a recent review, a major issue with this credit card is the detrimental effect it can have on the cardholder's credit score if the card is issued with a low limit because cardholders may quickly use up their available balance. This results in a high credit utilization ratio. Cardholders should use the card carefully and be sure to avoid carrying a balance due to the excessive APR (Annual Percentage Rate) that can be applied.

CITGO Gift Card

The CITGO Gift Card is the perfect present for many occasions. It functions like a typical gift or debit card, and can be used to purchase in-store items or gasoline at any participating CITGO location. The card can be reloaded five times and has the ability to carry a balance between $5 and $300. It is very convenient because gasoline transactions can be conducted at the pump. Other features of the CITGO Gift Card include:

  • Free available balance hotline: 1-800-533-3421
  • No expiration date
  • No dormancy fee if the card is not used over an extended period of time

Cardholders should be aware that misplaced or stolen cards cannot be replaced. This means that the available balance is not transferable to any other CITGO Gift Card. CITGO Gift Cards can be purchased at any local CITGO station.

CITGO Fleet Cards

CITGO's Fleet Program offers four gasoline credit cards for businesses that have fleets ranging from small to large in size. These include:

Pros of a CITGO Fleet Card

The four gasoline credit cards enable businesses to cut fuel costs, prevent frivolous spending and conveniently manage related expenditures. They offer rebates of twenty cents per gallon for the first six months. Once the introductory period expires, the tiered rebate program offers up to five cents per gallon in rebates, depending on spending levels. Businesses are also able to set purchase limits on driver's credit cards to avoid excessive gasoline expenditures. Some of the other benefits include:

  • Free credit cards for drivers
  • Automatic restriction and reinstatement capabilities
  • No monthly account maintenance fees
  • Detailed driver statements that include itemized product and gallon purchase information
  • Online access to account information
  • Driver Identification Numbers that hedge against fraud

Cons of a CITGO Fleet Card

Unfortunately, CITGO Fleet gasoline cards can only be use at participating CITGO locations, with the exception of the CITGO Business Select MasterCard. This can present a major issue if a vehicle is being operated in area that does not have a CITGO location nearby. However, they still may be worth the trouble due to the six-month introductory rebate offer of twenty cents per gallon.

Selecting A CITGO Gas Card

Be sure to carefully examine the terms and conditions of each gasoline card offered by CITGO prior to making a selection that best suits your needs.

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CITGO Gas Card Options