How to Make American Express Payments Online

Paying Online
Make timely payments to have a good credit score.

Use the American Express onlinepayment features to simplify the process of paying your American Express credit card. This online service is available for all of the credit cards offered by this popular issuer, including personal and business credit cards.

Pay Your Bill

Using the American Express pay online option can make the bill payment process much easier and faster than waiting for a paper statement in the mail, writing a check, and sending the payment back through the mail. Paying online allows cardholders to make payments with just a few clicks of the mouse. This eliminates the worry of checks getting lost in the mail, resulting in costly late fees.

Use American Express Pay Online Option

Pay your American Express credit card bill online through the online payment website. In order to use the online bill payment available through American Express, you will first have to register your account.

The process of registering is easy.

  • Enter your 15-digit account number.
  • Enter the 4-digit card ID.
  • Create a username and password. Both of these will be used every time you logon to make a payment.
  • Provide information regarding the bank account you want payments drawn from including the account number and routing number. You may enter more than one account.

Cardholders are allowed to register more than one American Express credit card for online payments. After your registration is complete, and all information has been verified by American Express, you will have access to paying your American Express credit card online. Additional features offered online through American Express include:

  • E-statements: Have your monthly credit card statement e-mailed to you instead of through the regular mail.
  • Account alerts: Receive an e-mail or text when your payment due date is nearing or when your account approaches the maximum credit limit.
  • Mobile Access: Retrieve your American Express account information using your mobile phone.
  • Scheduling: Online payments to American Express may be credited to the account immediately, or you can choose to delay the payment by scheduling a specific date for the payment to be made.

All of the above features are available by visiting the American Express website and signing up.

Security Concerns

Is it safe to make online credit card payments? While some people are apprehensive about inputting credit card numbers and other personal information onto any website, American Express assures customers that information entered into the site is safe and secure.

The site processes information in an encrypted way, which makes it much more difficult for a potential identity thief/hacker to get access to your information. American Express also conducts identity theft monitoring in the unlikely event that someone is indeed able to access your information as a result of an online payment.

There are precautions you can take to make sure your information stays safe when completing an online payment.

  • Make sure the website you visit to make your online payment is the authentic American Express website. Some computer hackers create identical sites in an attempt to collect credit card information.
  • Do not make payments using a public computer. If you have no other choice but to use a public computer, be sure to clear your Internet browsing history before leaving the computer.
  • If anything seems wrong with the website, or if you have the feeling someone is watching you while you attempt to make your online American Express payment, close the browser session and try again later.

American Express makes online bill payment secure and easy, but it is up to individual cardholders to ensure they do not inadvertently allow anyone else access to their account information.

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How to Make American Express Payments Online